Wednesday, 2 May 2012

The Missing Faces of Mass Effect on PS3 Part 3 - Helena Blake

In Mass Effect 1 we first meet Helena Blake on the Citadel when she asks our aid in helping to take out two criminal warlords of the crime syndicate she is a senior member of as she is wanting to take over the operations herself, she claims she has no interest in Red Sand and slaving instead she wants to take the gang back to more respectable tasks like smuggling of tech goods and gambling. You have two choices at your final confrontation with her, you can take her word that the gang will return to more acceptable types of criminal activity, kill her which obviously ends her story or you can convince her into retiring and disbanding the gang.

If you allow Helena to live she can be found at Omega in Mass Effect 2, if you persuaded her to retire she is currently working as a social worker if not then she has joined forces with Aria T'Loak continuing her life of crime.

For PS3 players the encounter with Helena never happens. She simply does not exist in our Shepard's universe, even through her role is a minor one it is still one that shows us the consequence of actions taken in the previous game.

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