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The Missing Pieces of Mass Effect on PS3 Part 2 - EDI

**Mass Effect 3 Spoiler Alert**

In Mass Effect 1 you are given an assignment to visit the Alliance Lunar station and stop a rogue VI, a reasonably simple task really. One that if you over looked it wouldn't feel as though you had missed out on anything spectacular.  The maps where the same as the other bunkers used in other missions, there where no huge fights, just a simple go in kill some drones and torrent and disconnect the VI.

In Mass Effect 2 we meet EDI, for a Renegade Shepard the response is instant distrust followed by Miranda advising EDI that Shepard's spent a lot of her time fighting rogue AI's, Geth mostly, but there was that one on the Lunar base.

Then in Mass Effect 3 we discover, by going through the record terminals while raiding the Cerberus base, that EDI is the Lunar VI who gained consciousness while under attack.  For PS3 players there is a simple mention of "Your that VI I heard about" but for people who where able to play Mass Effect 1 the conversation acknowledges their strained beginning.

This is just another example of who all the little pieces of the puzzle fit together ... when you have the full story!

Sunday, 29 April 2012

Why Would You Like To See Mass Effect 1 On PS3?

We put the question out there ...

Why would you like to see Mass Effect 1 on PS3?

And this is what some of our BSN group members have to say:

"Well with my laptop making noises like a dying cat every five seconds and struggling to get the grass to work on KOTOR, playing Mass Effect One seems like a distant dream. I have played every single one of Bioware's games, and loved them - the worlds, the characters, the choices.

I proudly display my games on my shelf and happily lend them to anyone who wants a go. My fave game is Mass Effect 2, actullay--just Mass Effect in general, I love the world--I've even read the novels--and I really hope it gets a paper and pen RP one day.

I poured over the codex in ME2 just to get to grips with the world, whcih was quite a task seeing as I had not played the first game but it didn't put me off. It just made me want to play the first game even more, it seems strange that I'm so obbessed with Mass Effect yet I can't play the first game--or lend it to people to spread the Mass Effect joy.

So yeah...why not?"

"Starting ME2 on PS3 I instantly fell in love with Shepard’s story but there where so many things I didn't understand. It wasn't until I was able to play ME1 on my laptop that I was able to put some of the pieces together, but there are still pieces missing.

We don't get to have our chosen LI with us on the Normandy at the beginning of ME2 unless that LI is Liara, Harkin's and Nassana have never met Shepard before and there's no Conrad Verner. The Galactic News on the Citadel in ME2 doesn't mean as much because it references a lot of things that happened in ME1, therefore things you had no influence in and there are dialogue differences within ME2 and ME3 that PS3 players have to watch YouTube to see. And that is just to name a few.

The point is Mass Effect is a classic and there are many PS3 players that would buy it in a heart beat if it meant they could complete their Shepard’s story.

There has been a lot of talk about artistic integrity in regards to the endings, I would have also thought that same integrity would ensure that anyone, no matter what platform they play on, could have the opportunity to complete the Mass Effect Experience as it was intended to be played from Mass Effect all the way through to Mass Effect 3."

"I think of all the people that complained about an ending they didn't liked and were listened.
We miss the beginning of the story, we missed much more.
We deserve it.
We're loyal fans too and we're not a few bunch"

"Before I started on the PS3, I use to use the PC, where I could play ME. From first-hand experience, I know exactly what PS3 players are missing out on. As a part of the PS3 community, I feel that I'm missing out on ME, too.

The Mass Effect series follows the continued story of Commander Shepherd. The first and longest game in this story hasn't been available to PS3 users, as a result we only receive about 5/9ths of it. This isn't fair to the PS3 community as we contribute just as much as the XBox and PC communities do. Why should we miss out on the full series? Not experiencing ME loses valuable understanding, which I also know from first-hand experience, as I started with ME2.

Playing the first game gave me a better knowledge of everything, from places to people. The vehicle exploration was much better than with the Hammerhead, with lots of planets to explore, Thresher Maws to kill and the ability to leave the Mako whenever you like (within reason). Just starting a new game in ME 2 or 3 means Shepherd has been through less, as have you."

And this is what people from our BSN thread had to say before it got locked:

"If they do I'd bet it'd be in a special ultimate trilogy collection type of set, including all three games and all dlc. I'd bet there would be changes to ME1 though in order to avoid any issues with Microsoft blocking it from happening. There would also have to be updates to both ME2 and ME3 in order to incorporate the extra ME1 centric content that was cut from the PS3 versions of both (well ME2 anyways, not sure about ME3) since ME1 didn't come out on PS3. I could see a multi disk release that does this maybe. That way they could incorporate any updates directly to disc and avoid all the extra fees it costs to release patches.

Thats how I'd like to see it anyways, I'd buy it if that happened, even with owning both ME2 and 3 already. "

"i really want ME1 on the PS3!!
The Playstation 3 is my favorite console on the citadel!

We need Mass Effect 1 remake with the new engine from ME3!

Long live to Mass Effect series! <3 "

"Oh if only that could happen...then again I still throw money on it like i a 3 for 1 deal on a stripper."

"I already beat Mass Effect on 360, but I'd love to pick up a potential PS3 version with updated graphics."

"I would really love Bioware even more than I already do if they managed to gain the rights to port the first game over the PS3. Like most here, I don't expect to see it happen, but I can dream. :)"

" would pay whatever they asked for Mass Effect 1 on ps3.

Please EA release it on ps3!"

"I would definitely get Mass Effect 1 on ps3, should it be released someday. Ps3 is my preferred console, and it would be nice to have the entire trilogy available on ps3 as well."

"Hear, hear! Although my social life would probably suffer for a couple of months after such a release"

"Anyway I want it on PS3 too (my preferred system). I've played ME1 (bought an Xbox360 for that sole purpose).
I've not played ME2 or ME3 on the Xbox360, only played those on the PS3, and while some things ring a bell from ME1 (especially in ME3), Some characters don't show up that you met in ME1, which is odd because 1 character from ME1 is in ME3 on the PS3. which Shepard should know (so should another squad member), but it's like they never met before."

"If they can patch this game to run well as well as do something about these endings i would be on board no doubt. In fact i would shave my head rub oils on my body and throw the recently cut hair all over my body. No not really but i would freak out though. They dont even have to make a disk version, just slap that sucker on psn."

"Simple - It's a classic!

Graphics don't make a game - they enhance it.
ME1 is closer to ME3 in it's weapon customisation -- just toned down a little
The same rooms - different box layouts had a certain charm - quite challenging on Insanity.
The Mako yes it was a nightmare to control but that was part of it's charm, and seeing it stranded in ME2 was touching :(
Shooting a Geth Colossus with it was a blast (excuse the pun).
Story and voice acting stood the test of time.
Jennifer Hale is my favorite voice actress having first heard her in Grandia II.

Bring down the Sky was great DLC too

It deserves to be on the PS3.
We deserve to see the origins of Mass Effect (it's like handing a child half a book which starts at the middle)"

"I support ME1 on PS3 wholeheartedly. We PS3 users shouldn't be punished by the constant pissing contest between Microsoft and Sony. As Mass Effect fans, we have just as much right to have the full experience.

Port ME1 and patch PS3-ME2 to accept save imports!"

"I really wish Mass Effect 1 gets a PS3 release, in fact I dream about it. It's my favorite current system and I want so much to play this game with a DS3.

BioWare did an amazing port with ME2 PS3 (Recon Hood in it from the get go :) and I love ME3 so much, I want to do the complete trilogy on that system."

"I feel like this is just wishful thinking, but if there's any way my support can help make this a reality I'm all for it. I simply enjoy PS3 as a system more than the 360 (and yes, it's because I'm a Blu-Ray nut) and if I'd be allowed to play the original ME I'd buy it in a heartbeat.

More realistically though, I'm hoping Bioware may release "definitive/remastered/whatever" editions of all three for whatever next-gen consoles the brain trusts are working on right now..."

"i was hooked with mass effect by the time I finished ME2 in my PS3. I enjoyed ME2 so much that it was such a shame I could not play the first one on my PS3. Solution, I bought an XBOX360, I was already considering it (wanting to play XBOX360 exclusives), the desire and curiosity of how the actual first game played out, gave me the reason to check the XBOX :)
though gameplay mechanics is a little rough (shooting+cover), the narrative/story compensated and make it up (which is the strong asset of an ME game). If ME1 do comes to the PS3 via PSN, will definitely buy it.
note: Still love ME3 despite the bad ending :) hope they provide the needed closures to make sense of the ending."

"I would love ME1 to appear on the PS3. After ME3 I want the full story for all the characters. I want to see the creation and blossoming of Garrus and Shephard bromance and some of my minor decisions from ME1 that effects ME3 in a minor way.

Hell if Bioware set up a kickstarter I would gladly give a few quid towards it.

I could play ME1 on PC but it won't be my Shepard and some decision would be for nothing."

"I would just like to post here in support of ME1 on PS3. I would like to own the whole trilogy on PS3, my chosen system.

I owned a 360 then it RRoD on me and I've been MORE than pleased with the PS3.

I would also help kick-start it if that's what it took."

"i finished the first game in the pc, but i would love t have a version for my ps3, would be a sure buy, no doubt! come on, we all want mass effect 1 for ps3!!!"

"I would purchase Mass Effect 3 for the PS3 the day it was released. I just hope that they would then patch Mass Effect 2 to be able to import characters from ME1 should we get it. I would LOVE to go through the whole trilogy again (Still working on my first ME3 playthrough - but I KNOW I'm up for another go already! ME3 Is a great game, I just wish they would fix the bugs, and give us PS3 users access to these Multiplayer Competitions [which i really don't get - they can give us the 25% bonus XP weekend but not the operation raptor and goliath weekends? WTF is that!] ), especially if I had a copy of Mass Effect 1 to start from. I don't care if they just straight ported the PC version or 360 version to the PS3, as long as we either get all the DLC on disc or are given access to all the DLC from ME1 - I'll be a happy man!! I can't wait to finish ME3 = The story has been great so far, and although I've heard bad things about the endings (I haven't read to much - i don't want anything spoiled for me, I just read tha people were displeased), I'm sure bioware will make it right. I hope they continue the Mass Effect franchise with another great Trilogy of games for both 360, PS3, and hte PC!!!

PLEASE Bioware release ME1 for us PS3 owners!!! And please try to deal with sony to get the multiplayer weekend bonuses extended to us! I know MGO had special weekends (Shame that's being closed down imo :( ), and i'm sure other games on PS3 that are multiconsole have had bonus weekends that the PS3 was able to participate in, I just hope they can fix this soon! It's already 2 weekends we've lost out on :( I hope we don't miss out on next weekends competition!"

"I own them all on XBOX but I would so buy them all for the PS3 if I could. I would kickstart them. I get a little tingly thinking about it."

"i do agree, its kinda sad that theyve given ps3 users the shaft on the storyline, you miss alot if you dont get to port from ME1"

"I've played both ME1 and ME2 on PC before my computer died and I unfortunately lacked the money for a new one, and now owning a PS3 and ME2 I really missed all those cameos and nods to the original ME. And now it just feels weird to play, for instance the Illium - missions without Shiala, Parasini and Conrad Verner. It feels weird that Nassana doesn't know Shepard, or Harkins never met her. It feels weird to play the Freedom's Progress - mission and meeting up with Tali without reassuring her that it's really you by remembering her of the Geth-data you gave her back in ME1.

And besides, ME1 is one of my favourite games. I'd love to play it again. So yeah, I'd definitely be for a PS3 - port of ME1. And if that isn't possible, at least something like a patch that gives PS3 players complete access to all choices of ME1, every minor or bigger one. Completely optional of course, just for those who KNOW the original ME1 and just didn't have the chance to buy the second game for the same system. The interactive comic doesn't do the game or the characters/story any justice."

"I'd purchase the original ME for PS3 in an instant"

"I'd be willing to support a kickstart project as well if that's what it took.

I just recently bought ME1 on Steam, but I'd much rather play it on my PS3. It would definitely be paying 60 bucks for a PS3 version despite the Steam version only being 20 (even less if you snag it while it's on sale). "

"It'd be cool to see the starting point of the trilogy on the PS3. I just really wish Bioware would hurry up and patch the various bugs/glitches."

"I support. Day one buy"

And these are just a hand ful of the support that we've gathered from ONE website!

So now we ask you ...

Why would you like to see Mass Effect 1 on PS3?

Feel free to leave your comment here or direct it to our FACEBOOK PAGE

Friday, 27 April 2012

The Missing Faces of Mass Effect on PS3 Part 2 - The Mako

Everyone needs to experience driving the Mako, nothing can give you motion sickness and your companions concussion quite like it!

As frustrating as the Mako is to drive it is also a huge part of Mass Effect and the exploration that the game is famous for.

In Mass Effect 2 you can pay tribute to the Mako while investigating the Normandy Crash Sight.

And in Mass Effect 3 you can overhear a Mako vs Hammerhead debate between Cortez and Vega.

Both clips are a small portion of the Mass Effect series but each small part helps to tie everything together for an awesome game.  And these small clips are just another example of where PS3 players miss out on the necessary background to fully appreciate the little things in the Mass Effect series.

Monday, 23 April 2012

The Missing Pieces of Mass Effect on PS3 Part 1 - Nassana Dantius

In Mass Effect 2 Nassana is a unscrupulous business woman who has built a reputation of killing anyone who threatens her reputation, Shepard encounters Nassana while recruiting the assassin Thane Krios.  For PS3 players Nassana and Shepard have never met but for those who have played Mass Effect 1 it's a very different story ...

In Mass Effect 1 Nassana is an Asari diplomat who asks for Shepard's help in rescuing her sister Dahlia from mercenaries who have kidnapped her sister, the mercs asked a high prices for Dahlia's release which Nassana broke regulations by paying but her sister was not returned.  Nassana asks Shepard's help in retrieving her sister from the location where the mercs are holding her.

Once the base has been raided Shepard's discovers that Dahlia is in fact the leader of the merc group and has been blackmailing her sister.  When confronted Nassana thanks Shepard for eliminating a potentially embarrassing situation offering a reward in return.  When they meet again the dialogue is very different from how it is played out on PS3 ...

These difference in dialogue and character history add to Shepard's story making it complete, not knowing who Nassana is gives very little meaning to Thane's recruitment mission while knowing her is a subtle twist in an intricate storyline that mixes together beautifully.

Sunday, 22 April 2012

The Missing Faces of ME on PS3 Part 1 - Conrad Verner

What harm can there be in talking to Conrad Verner?

Well for PS3 players of the Mass Effect series not being able to talk to Shepard's huge fan in the first instalment of the series can lead to missing out on a entire story arc that plays our over the entire Mass Effect series. 

Conrad Verner is first met on the Citadel where he asks Shepard for an autograph and secondly a photo, if Shepard tells him to get lost he is later killed after trying to do his part in representing humanity. However if Shepard obliges a seemingly minor encounter can spike a series of events that carries through to Mass Effect 2 where he can be found on Ilium. Again if Shepard tells him to get lost he is later killed with a rather humerus story line, but if Shepard helps him he sets up a charity foundation for refugees and orphans. 

Finally in Mass Effect 3 Verner can be found in the refugee sector of the Citadel recruiting for Cerberus, talking to him can eventually result in Verner revealing his Cerberus contact to Shepard where if Shepard had contact with Jenna (another Mass Effect character) then Conrad will be saved, if not his will die protecting his hero.

Sadly for PS3 players, not having the opportunity to play the original Mass Effect leads to these stories and many other not being told.  Its a small but very important part to making your Shepard's story complete.  If you would like the chance to play Mass Effect 1, 2 and 3 on PS3 please support our cause, the more people who support ME1 on PS3 the more likely it is to happen.

Monday, 16 April 2012

Interesting Conversation

Last week our BSN thread was closed due to being off topic and other technicalities, this sparked the following conversation with Stanley Woo who is a BSN moderator/rep:


Where can we PS3 owners ask Bioware our legitimate need of Mass Effect 1?
You allowed "retakers" to ravege the boards with anger and insults.
We're pacifically asking something that we DO really miss.
Big chunks of the story and you should know it.
We are customers and fans too and you can't take us down just because we started everything in a pacific way.
So, take notice of us and tell to the higher-ups.
you won't kill us easily!

Stanley Woo

I have no idea what you're talking about. PS3 users playing Mass Effect 2 were able to make specific choices with the interactive comic book. This was done specifically for PS3 users because Mass effect 1 was not available to them.


Hi Stanley,

I've done a bit of homework over the last few months and I recently came across a list of Mass Effect 1 decisions that have consequences to the amount of War assets you get in ME3.

I posted that list in the ME1 on PS3 thread. The decisions from the comic were MAJOR decisions but there were other decisions like saving the Zhu's Hope Colony.
In Mass Effect 2 there is a lady in Illuim who thanks Shepard that he/she saved her from Feros and mentions the Thorian. There is quite a bit of story related to that in ME1, There are many other references -- I wont go as far as to say plot holes -- but unless you've played ME1, then ME2 makes alot more sense.
Also Conrad Verner supposedly gives you a discount in ME2 (he is not in ME2 nor is he in ME3 on the PS3) but I'm guessing that the discount was handed out by Eruba (the girl with the poem obsessed Krogan Charr in Illium).

What it boils down to that it is only fair that PS3 gamers should be able to play the first part of the trilogy. I mean you wouldn't want to read only the middle to the end of a book would you?

(On a seperate note - regarding the 'missing' war assets, have the developers taken them into consideration when calculating the EMS for those playing the PS3 version in order to see the 'secret ending')

Would you be able to ask them?


Stanley Woo

>>What it boils down to that it is only fair that PS3 gamers should be able to play the first part of the trilogy.
Why is it "only fair"? BioWare has never implied that PS3 would get Mass Effect 1, nor has any such thing been discussed, let alone promised. "Fairness" has very little to do with it.


I happen to think it's unfair, as are a lot of 'business' decisions Bioware made to exclude certain sections of your Mass Effect community.

Mass Effect 1 was only released on Xbox360/PC (business decision obviously)
Mass Effect datapad only for iOS and not for other OS's
Multiplayer Events (for Xbox360/PC only 'for now')
No avatars/PS3 themes/incentiives for PS3 gamers (yet Xbox360 have tons).

Bioware seem to give the impression they don't like the PS3 Community.
Lack of support on the forums etc.

But anyway I digress.

Main point is we would like to see Mass Effect 1 on the PS3 whether it has been discussed by Bioware (which I'm sure it has at some point) or not is neither here nor there.



Ok, to put it down easy.
Mass Effect 1 on PS3 = happy PS3 fanbase, money for EA/Bioware.
Simple equation. Win-win situation.
People with ME2 and ME3 will buy ME1 for sure and WON'T SELL THEIR COPIES.
There's also lots of people that hasn't bought ME2 and ME3 yet because they don't want an incomplete story.
But they're likely to jump in.
There's people that has the whole trilogy on 360 that want to have it on PS3 too.
So, no promised, not discussed, but really WORTH of being discussed.

The 6 decisions on Genesis are not enough and don't carry emotional weight.
20 minutes comics to replace a 40+ hours game.
If you think it can replace it, let me disagree saying that it's insulting.

Stanley Woo
>>Bioware seem to give the impression they don't like the PS3 Community.
Lack of support on the forums etc.
The forums have never been the primary avenue of tech support for our games. Primary tech support has always been provided by our publishers. The tech support forums are here for the COMMUNITY to help each other. BioWare will sometimes reach out to the tech support forums for help in tracking down certain bugs, but this is by no means a guarantee, explicit or implied.

>>Main point is we would like to see Mass Effect 1 on the PS3
Okay, and that's a fair thing to want to see. Again, "fairness" has absolutely nothing to do with it, but there's nothing wrong with phrasing it the way you have. I doubt it will happen, since BioWare has already accounted for PS3 users in ME2 with the interactive comment, but we never know what the future might bring.

>>Mass Effect 1 on PS3 = happy PS3 fanbase, money for EA/Bioware.
Simple equation. Win-win situation.
No, I'm afraif it is not that simple (things rarely are in game development). Mass Effect 1 on PS3 = a lot of work for EA/BioWare, potentially limited happy PS3 fanbase. Win-(lots of work for little return) situation.

>>There's also lots of people that hasn't bought ME2 and ME3 yet because they don't want an incomplete story.
>>There's people that has the whole trilogy on 360 that want to have it on PS3 too.
Please cite your sources.

You also want us to do a whole lot of work and you're presuming to speak for a large section of our audience, including a section that already has the game on a different platform, which I'm not sure can be accurate to any degree.

I'm not saying "no, it will never happen, and that's final!" All I'm saying is that you're not going to convince me (or BioWare) that it's a viable project to undertake with the arguments you are presenting here.


Regarding the Technical Support by EA (the amount of times I've contacted them about Mass Effect in general - they always refer me back to the forum/or they say they will pass the issue on to Bioware (if it's technical).

I understand the triage system that is in place, but how sure can we be that issues other members and myself have raised 'are being passed on/looked into and/or addressed' (either by EA or via the forums).

Although I am only one person, I own Mass Effect 1 and Mass Effect 2 for the Xbox360
I bought the console purely to Mass Effect 1, and intend to buy Mass Effect 3 for the Xbox360 as well at a later date
Having said that I would still like to see the trilogy on the PS3 (it is my preferred system).

Thank you for taking the time to write with us.
It is appreciated.


Stanley Woo

>>how sure can we be that issues other members and myself have raised 'are being passed on/looked into and/or addressed' (either by EA or via the forums).<<
There is no guarantee that the issues being raised are "being passed on" or "looked into", nor is such a guarantee promised, indicated or even implied by the game's EULA, site's ToS, or Site Rules. Sorry.

>>Having said that I would still like to see the trilogy on the PS3 (it is my preferred system).
And I think that's awesome. I would like to see that too, but I personally see it as unlikely to happen.


What we were trying to do here in the thread, was PACIFICALLY collecting people to present you guys as proof that we would like this to happen, then your efforts would pay.


Mass Effect is a trilogy that should be available on the players’ platform of choice without leaving the story crippled.  PS3 players don’t have the opportunity to play the whole story, to know the feeling of defeating Saren or understand the threat the Rachni pose to the galaxy and we miss out on the history between Shepard and Cerberus that plays a huge role in ME2. Not to mention the numerous cameo’s, dialogue differences and relationships that make the Mass Effect experience complete.

If you support the possible release of the Original Mass Effect on PS3 to complete your trilogy join us here and @MassEffect1onPS3 so EA and Bioware can see there are PS3 players who are passionate about completing their Shepard’s journey from start to finish.