Monday, 23 April 2012

The Missing Pieces of Mass Effect on PS3 Part 1 - Nassana Dantius

In Mass Effect 2 Nassana is a unscrupulous business woman who has built a reputation of killing anyone who threatens her reputation, Shepard encounters Nassana while recruiting the assassin Thane Krios.  For PS3 players Nassana and Shepard have never met but for those who have played Mass Effect 1 it's a very different story ...

In Mass Effect 1 Nassana is an Asari diplomat who asks for Shepard's help in rescuing her sister Dahlia from mercenaries who have kidnapped her sister, the mercs asked a high prices for Dahlia's release which Nassana broke regulations by paying but her sister was not returned.  Nassana asks Shepard's help in retrieving her sister from the location where the mercs are holding her.

Once the base has been raided Shepard's discovers that Dahlia is in fact the leader of the merc group and has been blackmailing her sister.  When confronted Nassana thanks Shepard for eliminating a potentially embarrassing situation offering a reward in return.  When they meet again the dialogue is very different from how it is played out on PS3 ...

These difference in dialogue and character history add to Shepard's story making it complete, not knowing who Nassana is gives very little meaning to Thane's recruitment mission while knowing her is a subtle twist in an intricate storyline that mixes together beautifully.

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