Friday, 27 April 2012

The Missing Faces of Mass Effect on PS3 Part 2 - The Mako

Everyone needs to experience driving the Mako, nothing can give you motion sickness and your companions concussion quite like it!

As frustrating as the Mako is to drive it is also a huge part of Mass Effect and the exploration that the game is famous for.

In Mass Effect 2 you can pay tribute to the Mako while investigating the Normandy Crash Sight.

And in Mass Effect 3 you can overhear a Mako vs Hammerhead debate between Cortez and Vega.

Both clips are a small portion of the Mass Effect series but each small part helps to tie everything together for an awesome game.  And these small clips are just another example of where PS3 players miss out on the necessary background to fully appreciate the little things in the Mass Effect series.

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